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Old Mill Inn Alexandria

We ♥ Alexandria!

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In case you haven’t met her yet, allow us to introduce you to Alexandria Lopez, our General Manager. Old Mill Inn Alexandria


Long Island native and seasoned veteran of the hospitality business, Alexandria is committed to providing you the highest level of service coupled with an opportunity to unwind on the water.

This woman has wings on her feet, materializing one second in the dining room, the next in the garden, at the host stand, behind the fryer.  Now wait just a second… wasn’t she just behind the bar, shaking up the perfect margarita?

Alexandria is a hospitality athlete, able to balance the intensity of this business with unperturbed grace. She appears to carry the weight of Atlas effortlessly and, more amazingly, with calm.   

Calm is the operative word here.


Two years ago, when she arrived at The Old Mill, she found the North Fork to be a revelation in peacefulness, and so she stayed.  And we’re the better for it.


When not performing her dervish-like magic at The Old Mill – all with equanimity – Alex enjoys the complexity of a sour beer, and the restorative powers of yoga, particularly the extended child’s pose. 


Namaste, y’all.

Bia Lowe, Owner

Restoration and stewardship – a few words from Bia

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If you’ve ever sailed up the creek and seen the Old Mill coming into view — hanging  tough, standing strong — its easy to imagine her way back when, early 1800’s …and what it might have felt like to be alive in those times. 

That’s the value of having touchstones, of having elders and a history. 

I liken The Old Mill to a grandmother, an old gal who’s seen it all …and then some. She’s rolled with the temperaments of nature, and the vagaries of history. 

Presidential elections notwithstanding, she’s withstood nor’easters and hurricanes…. two centuries of them!  And, even more impressively, she’s endured the daily ravages of tiny creatures who make these waters home.

This resilient lady garners respect. Think: she welcomed your parent’s parents, just like she welcomes you. 

 She.  Has.  Stories.

I’ve listened to her over the years and learned her strengths and her vulnerabilities.  I like to say she needs a LOT of love.

Well…this Spring The Old Mill received a substantial dose of loving in the form marine restoration, and she’s good to go for a few more decades.  

So bring on the storms, the lore, the ghosts …and the living! 

Keep on hanging tough, Grandma. Keep on standing strong.