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Simply gorgeous.

Simply gorgeous.

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Full-out sunshine, sparkling water.

Today we’re getting the eye-popping August weather we prayed for in February.

The boats are gliding by, pretty as you please.  Our fledgling ospreys (and sorry, we can’t help but claim ownership) have taken to the skies, soaring on the updrafts. By September they’ll be gone. (Insert mournful, pouty-faced emoticon here.)

But for now, (insert toothy smile) they are very much at home on the inlet, playing tag and getting strong.  This is a good moment to savor. It’s August.  Take it in. 

(Think our neighbor’s rosé and a Lobster Roll… Chablis and a dozen local oysters…our killer crab cake and …well, you decide.  Its all good. ) 

What’s not to love about the East End?

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