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Welcome Strongs Marine – our new neighbors

Welcome Strongs Marine – our new neighbors

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Our new neighbors, the Strongs, (Strongs Marine) cozied up to the bar for a bite and a quiet chat. Jeff, Re and Jeff’s mom, Dottie, shared some memories of the Old Mill.  Old Mill Inn Mattituck Pub

Dottie recalled the former owners, the Holmes …and in particular their elegant barman, James. James was apparently quite tall and on those evenings when he sported a top hat he had a strategic way of moving through the bar to keep his hat from being toppled by the beams overhead.  

A few other of our guests joined us at the bar and, with our cell phones tilted upward, we all searched for familiar names engraved on those beams

Bar - woodburning fireplace
Yep, that nostalgic smell is back: it’s the wood burning fireplace… and a fire will be lit all this month.  
So pull up a chair and grab a pint and stare into the flames. 
Better yet: gaze mightily at the play of firelight on the face of someone you love! 
Excerpt from our October Email Newsletter.

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