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The Northern hemisphere tilts toward the sun and -boom- breezes get sultry and cicadas chant their cha-cha-chas.  There soon will be fireworks, dog days and earth-shuddering storms.  There’ll be sweet corn and sandy feet.  And there will be evenings, glorious evenings, when we say to ourselves, or out loud to loved ones, that it feels good, so good to be alive.

This warm weather is especially luxurious by the water…and we at the Old Mill want to share the wealth.  Just yesterday five deer galloped across the far side of the creek, each lit up with the orange light of the setting sun.  Its hard not to claim bragging rights when everywhere you look are nests of osprey doting on their chicks, swans parading their downy cygnets, and countless others of our residents: kingfishers, egrets, swallows, sparrows, each busy at being uniquely themselves!

This is the perfect spot to come renew your membership in the natural world.   And while enjoying the bedazzlement, how ‘bout some great food and drink?

We’ve got a new summer lunch and dinner menus, new summer drinks, a new vibe and a great new summer live music line up.  

So take that drive down Cox Neck road (but go slow, beware the bunnies at the corner!)

Summertime.  Time to take a breath, climb back into your skin.

We can’t wait to see you,

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